It is important to have a properly functioning aircon unit at home at all times. To make sure that your cooling system doesn’t break down in the middle of the hot summers, aircon servicing should be sought out regularly, as it provides:

1. Proper cleaning: If your air con unit gets clogged with bacteria, dirt and dust, it can lead to multiple health issues. Servicing would ensure that all these bacteria and dirt are removed effectively.

2. Extend lifespan: A qualified service technicians shall check all the parts of the air con unit, ensuring that it is running in top-notch condition, and increase its life span on the whole.

3. Reducing major breakdowns: Getting aircon units serviced regularly can be highly effective in preventing any major breakdown or malfunction issues.

4. Get air quality: During aircon servicing, the air filters of the unit will be cleaned or replaced making sure that the air coming into a home is clean of good quality.

5. Cost savings: Regular inspections would allow you to reduce your electricity bills, as well as eradicate repair expenses that would have been incurred due to any major malfunction.

6. Consistent cooling: A serviced, functional air con will provide consistent cooling to your home.

7. Prevent expensive replacement: Risk of having to replace the entire aircon unit reduces drastically after regular servicing.

8. Remove foul smell: Mold, bacteria and dirt accumulating in the unit can result in a foul smell, which can be removed by timely servicing.

9. Better for the environment: Aircon servicing can help reduce your carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency at home.

10. Peace of mind: You don’t have to worry about your aircon breaking down suddenly after investing in regular servicing.