Common Causes of Air Con Water Leakage

Preventative maintenance and regular servicing are crucial for all air con systems. You should ideally seek out services of aircon basic cleaning at least twice a year to make sure that the cooling system manages to deliver top performance for years.  Without proper cleaning and servicing, there are many issues you might observe in your air con unit after sometime, water leaks being one of the most common ones. Every air con unit has an air filter that is responsible for filtering out dust and dirt, so that you have clean and healthy indoor air. If these filters are not cleaned regularly, then their evaporator coils might get frozen, resulting in the excess water spilling indoors. Another common reason for aircon water leaking, is blocked drain pipe. These pipes are basically used to carry the water out of the unit. However, if there are large blocks in these pipes, the water starts to accumulate there and drips from the body of the system.  Your air con system can also experience water leakage due to a damaged condensate tray. This tray is basically meant to collect condensed water. However, if the tray is broken, rusted, or damaged, the water will seep through it and leak into the room when the air condition is running.

To prevent issues of water leaks, proper aircon service, maintenance and cleaning is needed. Service technicians would also   properly stock up the refrigerant inside your air con system. If the levels of the refrigerants are low, the air con pressure will fall. This will lead to the evaporator coils freezing and result in water leakage.