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We are the perfect partner to cater to your HVAC concerns. Our skilled and experienced team caters to both residential and commercial clients, and strives to ensure high-quality work in each and every project. Delivering the most competent Aircond service KL to our discerning customers is our key priority.

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Who We Are

AC Cool N Cool Engineering provides professional and reliable aircond service throughout the regions of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We have more than two decades of experience in providing Heating and Aircon Services. Our aim is to make sure that all our customers get to enjoy a clean, comfortable and safe home or workplace.

What we do

AC Cool N Cool Engineering provides you a wide range of competent solutions related to HVAC systems, and are a leading provider of aircon service. Our experienced and highly qualified team can design, build and install a complete heating, ventilation, commercial refrigeration and cooling system. Through us, you can also avail premium maintenance services for your HVAC systems.

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Main Services

Aircon cleaning

Specialized techniques are used by us to effectively service your HVAC system, and optimize its performance.

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AC Maintenance
Maintenance & Repair

Our team provides quick and efficient service for Air con troubleshoot. Through us, one can avail a full range of aircon repair and maintenance solutions.

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Aircon Installation
Aircon Installation

We can expertly install systems offered by multiple leading manufactures. Through us you can enjoy high quality installation services for both residential and commercial aircon units with the use of professional equipment and techniques.

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We thoroughly diagnose your HVAC system to efficiently identify any kind of pertaining to it.

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Heating & Water

During the lifetime operation of the heating system there might be several situations that require reducing or increasing the number of sections, or flush the radiator. Avail proficient services for your heating systems through us, to ensure its optimal functioning.

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Energy Ifficiency
Energy Ifficiency

Our professional solutions will help augment energy efficiency at your space.

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Importance Of Having Functional Air Con Systems In Malaysian Homes

In countries having a hot and humid climate, such as Malaysia, air-con units play an important role in making your lives more comfortable and convenient. No matter whether you live in Selangor or any nearby area, without a proper cooling system, there is a high chance that the inside of your home shall become extremely humid during the summers, making you sweaty and uncomfortable. Aircon installation KL can not only help in keeping your house comfortable, but may also help in purifying the indoor air by filtering out particles, bugs, odors, and so on.

Need for dependable HVAC maintenance

Air pollution is a major, ongoing issue in Malaysia, especially in major cities like Kuala Lumpur. It, in fact, is among the most polluted cities in the world. If you are a KL resident, then you might be acquainted with the alarming haze lingering in its air. This is a product of forest fires from nearby nations and the practice of burning various materials taking place in the region. Some of these materials might be hazardous as well. Hence, the smog you find across Mont Kiara and nearby areas is not just unpleasant to see, but can even hamper your health.

To keep yourself protected from the harmful effects of air pollution, it is important to have a well-functioning HVAC system at home. However, just installing a cooling system is not enough. Taking its good care is vital to ensuring the long term functionality of the system. Just like your car needs tune-ups every now and then, proper Aircon service and cleaning are also needed to make sure that the system keeps running in good condition. This is where we come in. We at AC Cool N Cool Engineering can provide extremely competent aircon inspection, maintenance, and cleaning solutions across the regions of Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Ampang. Our professional technicians will see to it that your system is free from any mold that may cause causes allergy or health issues.

Advantages of having a proper cooling system at home

Availing professional air-con servicing solutions

Purchasing and installing an HVAC unit is just the first step to having a cool and comfortable home. To make sure that this comfort lasts for a long term, without causing extreme surges in your electricity bills, you need to ensure the timely servicing of the system. Without proper maintenance, the unit is likely to lose around about 5 percent of its overall efficiency annually. Moreover, regular servicing shall also help your unit to run at optimal capacity. AC Cool N Cool Engineering can effectively service your HVAC system whenever you require, and boost the longevity of the unit. We also provide expert Aircon repair solutions to people across Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Ampang. No matter your specific cooling system concerns, our professional team shall always do its best to help you out.

Providing a dynamic range of professional aircon service

We at AC Cool N Cool Engineering are proud of being your one stop destination for aircond service KL. Our key goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality of installation, repair and installation services, right on schedule. We understand that time and cost is crucial for air con troubleshoot, and always try our best to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Our team can work on multiple makes and models of aircon units.

There are numerous types of aircon devices available today. They are often known by diverse names, depending on where and how they are installed. For example, if an aircond system is mounted on to the wall it is referred to as wall-mounted aircon and if it is mounted to the ceiling then it is known as ceiling aircon. Wall-mounted aircon units are frequently seen in both homes and offices, and they tend to have a compressor capacity of up to 3 HP. Among all the diverse options available, window-mounted aircon units are the most common ones. They are quite easy to install and uninstall, making carrying out aircond relocate services hassle-free. We at AC Cool N Cool Engineering can work on all of these models, enabling us to effectively cater to the requirements of all customers.

No matter whether it is time for an annual tune-up, routine inspection, or even an upgrade, our team is committed to providing you with air con service residential and commercial that not just meets, but manages to exceed your requirements. By delivering premium-quality workmanship, we make beating the humid Malaysian summers extremely easy.

AC Cool N Cool Engineering: Delivering Dependable Aircon Service and Repairs

Neglecting timely aircon maintenance and servicing can lead to high repair expenses in the future. You may even have to replace the whole unit if you don’t take prompt action against aircon malfunctions. Like all machines, aircon units also experience wear-and-tear, and proper maintenance and repairs are needed to keep them functioning at their best condition.

Expert aircon repair and service

AC Cool N Cool Engineering would be your perfect source for seeking out professional assistance for Aircond Repair and servicing in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Over the years, we have managed to acquire an impeccable reputation in regards to excellent service, high customer satisfaction and dedicated solutions.

Our quality air con repair services are performed by professionally qualified and experienced technicians. AC Cool N Cool Engineering team has both skills and the tools to promptly fix any aircon issue you may have. We strive to deliver the most dependable Aircon service, so that you can enjoy an optimally comfortable ambiance at home, without any worry. Your peace of mind and convenience is always our priority.

When to seek out aircon repair solutions?

Here are a few signs that indicate that you might need Aircon Repair services:

No matter what problem you face with your air con unit, we at AC Cool N Cool Engineering always try to fix it as fast as possible.


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