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Aircon Servicing

Home Aircon Servicing

AC Cool N Cool Engineering Provides Competent Air Con Cleaning Solutions

There are many places in the world that has a majorly humid climate throughout the year, such as Kuala Lumpur. Hence, to live comfortably, many people here use air con systems for the majority of the months. To make sure that they are able to meet the needs of your family, you need to proper care of these HVAC systems as well. They especially have to be serviced and cleaned properly on a regular basis to see to it that they are able to work properly, without any malfunctions. This is where we come in. AC Cool N Cool Engineering is among the most trusted service providers of air con cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and installation.

There are several reasons why you should seek out Aircon cleaning service from us. Here are a few of them:

  • Flow of cool air: With the repeated use of the cooling system, its filters are bound to get dirty. These filters are essentially installed in the machine to refrain the dust and dirt from coming out of the unit, so that people can enjoy fresh, cool air. However, if these filters are not cleaned routinely and simply left like that, it can eventually become a hindrance for the cool air to pass. Proper cleaning of these filters is needed to make sure that your air con unit is able to provide cool air seamlessly.
  • Improve the quality of air: Regular cleaning of the air con unit is imperative to make sure that it manages to supply air that is not only cool, but also clean and healthy. No one wants to breathe in impure air. However, if the filters of your cooling system are full of dust and dirt it can cause bacteria to build up there. As a result, whenever you switch on the system, air shall pass through filters containing bacteria, fine dust particles, and pollutants. Breathing in such unclean air is not good for health, and can especially be problematic if you have kids or elderly individuals at home who are prone to falling sick. Breathing in impure air can also increase the chances of developing asthma and lungs. To steer clear of all these problems, timely air con cleaning and servicing are needed.

Our Aircon Service and cleaning process are designed with your health and comfort in mind. A professionally cleaned cooling unit means healthier indoor air quality, less power consumption, and better cooling power



RM 75/unit

Water Leaking

RM 100/unit

Gas Refill

R22 - RM 120

R410 - RM 150

R32 - RM 150

General Cleaning

1 Unit - RM 80/unit

2 Units - RM 70/unit

3+ Units - RM 60/unit

Chemical Cleaning

1 Unit - RM 150/unit

2 Units - RM 130/unit

3 Units - RM 120/unit

4 Units - RM 110/unit

5+ Units -Rm 100/unit

  • FREE top up gas up to 20psi with each Chemical
  • FREE revisit in case of water leaking after our service
  • FREE initial site survey
  • 45 Days warranty on water Leaking



RM 100/unit

Water Leaking

RM 120/unit

Gas Refill

R22 - RM 120

R410 - RM 150

R32 - RM 150

General Cleaning

1 Unit - RM 100/unit

2 Units - RM 90/unit

3+ Units - RM 80/unit

Chemical Cleaning

1 Unit - RM 280/unit

2 Units - RM 260/unit

3 Units - RM 240/unit

4 Units - RM 220/unit

5+ Units - RM 200/unit

Ceiling Concealed
  • FREE top up gas up to 20psi with each Chemical
  • FREE revisit in case of water leaking after our service
  • FREE initial site survey
  • 45 Days warranty on water Leaking
FCU,Ceiling Concealed,Duct Unit,AHU, Chiller,Cooling tower RM 350 to RM 800 Price will be provided after site survey

Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Company

Professional Aircon Service and Maintenance

We at AC Cool N Cool Engineering provides expert aircond service KL to ensure the good health of your cooling system.

It is crucial that you take good care of your aircon unit to ensure that it works better and lasts longer. Timely aircon maintenance and servicing is needed to make sure that your system is running properly, and is capable enough to serve you for years to come. It also helps in keeping your energy expenses down, so that you do not have to burn a hole in your pockets by paying huge electricity bills.

Through AC Cool N Cool Engineering, you can avail highly competent aircond service Selangor, as well as Kuala Lumpur. If your aircond is not providing cold enough air, then you must get in touch with us ASAP to schedule an air con troubleshoot and servicing.

Professional Aircon Inspection

No one wants to get stuck in the humid summer months with a malfunctioning Aircond. Spending even a single day with an aircon can be extremely inconvenient during the summers. However, you might end up in such a situation if your aircond has not been timely serviced. Typically, you must get your aircond servicing done through AC Cool N Cool Engineering before the summer season, to ensure that it is running in the perfect condition and would not give you any problems throughout the coming sweltering months.

We carefully assess your air-conditioning unit and promptly take care of any issue that might give you problems later on. Even the smallest issues can eventually lead to something major, and might even cause your whole aircond system to breakdown. Hence, it’s vital that call AC Cool N Cool Engineering for professional aircon service before any such eventuality arises.

Your perfect Aircond servicing partner

Don’t sweat it out this summer and ensure your Aircon unit performs reliably and efficiently by getting it serviced through AC Cool N Cool Engineering.

Cost Effective Aircon Service

Save Money And Hassles By Ensuring Timely Air Con Servicing Through AC Cool N Cool Engineering

Proper servicing of your cooling system is crucial for maintaining its long life and energy efficiency. So if you are searching for the ‘best Aircon service near me’ for its annual maintenance, then your search ends right here at AC Cool N Cool Engineering. Having years of experience in the industry, we can efficiently meet the home comfort needs of your family and exceed your service quality expectations.

How can you benefit from air con servicing?
  • Savings: Timely servicing, maintenance and cleaning of HVAC systems ideally more than pay for themselves through higher efficiency and longevity. You are less likely to have to replace your cooling unit soon, if it is serviced properly.
  • Peace: Expert servicing would facilitate fewer system failures and a longer life for your HVAC equipment. You can be assured that your HVAC unit shall now break down suddenly in the middle of scorching summers.
  • Comfort: Unless it’s brand new or has been cleaned very recently, you shall observe a lot of dust built up in the filters of your unit. A properly cleaned and serviced cooling system would ensure better air quality at your home.

As you contact AC Cool N Cool Engineering for Aircon cleaning service, our technicians would competently clean the condenser and filters of your system. This will ultimately extend the life of various parts of the unit and put off the need to replace them. Our technicians shall also check for damaged or worn-down parts and recommend their immediate replacement.

Comprehensive HVAC servicing

The wide range of air con servicing and cleaning solutions offered by AC Cool N Cool Engineering includes:

  • Cleaning the condensing unit coils and evaporator coils
  • Checking the amp draw of the compressor and all components
  • Oiling the fan motors (if needed)
  • Checking whether the belts are all tight and well adjusted
  • Checking the operating pressures of the system against the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Check the refrigerant level, thermostats and sensors of the system
  • Tightening all electrical terminals
  • Checking all ductwork for air leaks and damage