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Thursday May 27

Top 10 Reasons Why Aircon & Air Cond Servicing Is Important

It is important to have a properly functioning aircon unit at home at all times. To make sure that your cooling system doesn’t break down in the middle of the hot summers, aircon servicing should be sought out regularly, as it provides: ...

1. Proper cleaning: If your air con unit gets clogged with bacteria, dirt and dust, it can lead to multiple health issues. Servicing would ensure that all these bacteria and dirt are removed effectively.

2. Extend lifespan: A qualified service technicians shall check all the parts of the air con unit, ensuring that it is running in top-notch condition, and increase its life span on the whole.

3. Reducing major breakdowns: Getting aircon units serviced regularly can be highly effective in preventing any major breakdown or malfunction issues.

4. Get air quality: During aircon servicing, the air filters of the unit will be cleaned or replaced making sure that the air coming into a home is clean of good quality.

5. Cost savings: Regular inspections would allow you to reduce your electricity bills, as well as eradicate repair expenses that would have been incurred due to any major malfunction.

6. Consistent cooling: A serviced, functional air con will provide consistent cooling to your home.

7. Prevent expensive replacement: Risk of having to replace the entire aircon unit reduces drastically after regular servicing.

8. Remove foul smell: Mold, bacteria and dirt accumulating in the unit can result in a foul smell, which can be removed by timely servicing.

9. Better for the environment: Aircon servicing can help reduce your carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency at home.

10. Peace of mind: You don’t have to worry about your aircon breaking down suddenly after investing in regular servicing.

Thursday May 27

Aircon & Air Cond Repair, Maintenance & Installing in Kuala Lumpur

In countries having quite a sweltering summer season, such as Malaysia, it becomes important to install an air-con unit at home to make life more comfortable. This is especially true for the major cities of the country like Kuala Lumpur. Without having a cooling system, you would find yourself being all sweaty and sticky during the afternoons at your Kuala Lumpur home, ...

owing due to the heat and humidity prevalent in the region. To prevent this discomfort, you must contact a good aircon company in the city, and get a branded cooling system installed at your home.

However, you must note that just installing an air con unit is not enough. Taking care of its servicing, maintenance and repairs are also extremely vital, to ensure that the system is able to serve you for a long span of time. Much like all machines, your air con unit would also be prone to malfunctioning after high wear and tear, especially if it has not been serviced properly. Aircon servicing and maintenance entails effectively cleaning the vents of the system, checking out whether all of its components are working properly or not, and so on. Any damaged part can be repaired or fixed at the time of servicing itself, thereby reducing the chances of any major repairs. You must contact a professional aircon repair technician if you notice issues like water leaks from the unit, insufficient cooling, and weird noises coming from the system.

Thursday May 27

Professional Aircon & Air Cond Service And Maintenance

While there are people who consider carrying out HVAC maintenance on their own, it is important to note that doing so without proper knowledge or expertise might end up costing you even more money. Your air con unit can be more complex than it may appear, and hence only professionals should be relied upon to take care of its maintenance, servicing and repairs. ...

Professional aircon repair technicians have both the training and experience needed to work on just about all types of cooling systems, and get any issue associated with them fixed in a prompt manner.

Professional technicians carry out a comprehensive servicing and maintenance. They check every part of your cooling system out properly to see to it whether they are working efficiently or not. These technicians shall assess your thermostat settings, refrigerant level, electrical and moving components and more. As part of the maintenance services, they are also on the lookout for any signs of a more serious problem. Their experience and training would help them to easily spot any issue and get it fixed before it becomes a major problem.

Continuing to run a malfunctioning air con unit may cause further damage to its system, owing to which you may require a costly repair or replacement down the road, which would be extremely expensive. To avoid all the associated costs and hassle, while also ensuring to breathe in cleaner and cooler air, seeking out professional services for aircon maintenance is extremely prudent.

Thursday February 11

Why Did My AC Compressor Stop Working?

If you find your compressor or heat pump is not working, the first thing to do is check the power supply. The unit could have simply become unplugged, or there may be a more serious problem at hand. For homeowners who feel handy, this is a good time to take a look at your AC compressor or to schedule AC repair services for a more comprehensive assessment. You will want to have the unit examined to look for signs of a blown fuse, a tripped circuit breaker, a broken thermostat, or dirty air filters. Dirty or clogged filters commonly make AC compressors stop working. ...

When it comes to operating your cooling system properly, be realistic with the temperature setting on your thermostat. When it’s 110 degrees outside, don’t set your thermostat at 65. It just isn’t designed for that. Also, keep in mind that heat pumps do not perform as well on very cold days. They work by moving warm air from one place to another. When the mercury drops below about 30, there isn’t much heat to for these systems to work with.

Top Reasons Your AC Compressor Stopped Working

Not every AC repair problem is a costly one to fix. Knowing what problem is troubling your AC compressor will help you determine the cost of repairs and how to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.

Some of the most common reasons why AC compressors stop working

1.Dirty condenser coils
2.Blocked suction lines
3.Low refrigerant charge
4.Incorrect suction line size
5.Too much refrigerant
6.Electrical problems
Contaminants in the system 7.Insufficient oil lubricant

Before AC compressors stop working altogether, they often display warning signs, like:

1.Blowing warm air
2.Frequently tripping the circuit breaker
3.Shaking when the system is started
4.Making strange noises
Don't ignore when you encounter one of these signs.
Call the air conditioning professionals.

Monday February 8


It is important for your air conditioner to have enough airflow and refrigerant for the air-conditioning process to take place correctly. A lack of airflow caused by an obstruction in the air conditioner or a blower-fan motor failure is a common cause of ice buildup on the coils in the following ways: ...

A completely clogged air filter can block incoming air from reaching the evaporator coil while leaves and yard debris can do the same for the condenser coil.

An indoor or outdoor blower-fan motor failure can prevent either fan from working, starving the air conditioner of the airflow it needs to properly operate.

Ice buildup can also happen due to low refrigerant levels caused leaks or improper refrigerant charging. Low refrigerant levels often mean low operating pressures, which in turn lower the temperature of the refrigerant.

You’re probably wondering how you can tell whether your air conditioner is affected by ice buildup.

Common symptoms to look out for

1. Presence of ice buildup on the indoor or outdoor cabinet 2. Inability to effectively cool indoor spaces. 3. Constant short-cycling 4. Spilled water from melting ice.

Here are some ways how to prevent ice buildup


The first thing you’ll want to do when encountering ice buildup on your air conditioner is to simply shut off the unit and let the ice thaw for a few hours. You can use a hair dryer on its highest setting to speed the process along. Don’t attempt to remove the ice by hacking away at it with an ice pick or other sharp object, as this could damage your evaporator or condenser coil.

Afterward, you should check your air filter and make sure it isn’t completely blocked with dust and debris. If the filter is clogged, remove it and put a new one in its place. Your air filter should be changed at least once every three months to keep clogs from forming.Chemical service is a must twice every year or at least once to maintain cooling efficiency of your system.

If the air filter is clog free, have your technician take a quick look at the blower-fan motor. Your technician will make sure the motor is properly working and repair any issues that could prevent it from doing so, including overheating due to dust and debris buildup, a blown relay, or wiring issues.

Last but not least, you should have your technician check the refrigerant levels as well as the actual evaporator and condenser coils. Depending on the circumstances, your technician may need to add more refrigerant to the unit as well as repair any leaks found throughout the system.

If you’re dealing with ice buildup on your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to schedule service with us.

Thursday January 28

Why regular maintenance of air conditioner is Necessary

Having a regular maintenance is vital in order to keep your air conditioner clean and your family healthy and to ensure that your ac unit remains at optimal performance.

Here are a few key tips to follow. ...

Replacing filters regularly
Filters are one of the most critical components of your air conditioner. They circulate and clean the air properly, hence need to be cleaned frequently. As a matter of fact, dirty filters can become a source of airborne bacteria to spread throughout your house. Cleaning the filters depends on how often you use your split system. Generally, once a month or once every 2 months is a safe thing to do. It’s also a healthy habit to follow by vacuuming any dust, cobwebs, and grime from the filter occasionally.

Cleaning the compressor
Your AC’s compressor plays the role of compressing low pressure and low volume gas to convert these into high pressure and high temperature as needed for cooling. Ensuring to clean the compressor frequently will enable better cooling and better, quality air. Oil specially designed for the ACs can be used for its longevity.

Evaporator coils
When air passes through the air conditioning system, an evaporator coil absorbs the heat to let cold air throughout the space. By replacing old evaporator coils, you can significantly improve air flow and air circulation inside your residential or office space.

Regular service
Getting your split air conditioner serviced by experienced professionals will increase its longevity and keep it performing across many summers. Service only needs to be performed every few years, unless there are noticeable, major changes in its performance.

If you neglect it there can be a wide array of problems that occur, one being clogged and dirty filters. The air filter cleans the air that blows into your home, and whilst it is cleaning the air, it leaves all the dirt and bacteria in these filters. Over time this builds up and makes the filter dirty and if these aren't cleaned or replaced the air conditioner becomes less effective and can actually end up blowing dirty air into your household.

Here are some of the problems associated with dirty filters:

Minimized air flow
An air filter that is clogged reduces the amount of air that comes through the system, this reduces the amount of air flow into a building or home and the effectiveness of the unit. It is possible for the system to fail when air filters are clogged as air conditioning systems are designed to work with a specific amount of airflow.
Unclean air ducts
When the filter on a central air conditioning system gets dirty, the dirt is more than likely to spread to the air ducts in the house. It is far more worthwhile to have your air filter cleaned or replaced rather than waiting and spending lots of money on replacing ductwork that has been damaged from particulate and dirt.
Allergens are caused by the dirt and mould built up in air conditioning systems. A dirty air filter causes the duct work to become dirty as well which is where the mould and bacteria grows. The pollution indoors can cause symptoms such as fatigue, coughing, itchy eyes, headaches, sore throat, difficulty breathing, congestion and tightening of the chest. Having your air filter cleaned or replaced will reduce these symptoms.
Need professionals who really understand split systems? Get in touch with our experienced team @ "Ac Cool n Cool Engineering" One stop solution to your air conditioner problems.

Tuesday January 05

Important things to consider for Air Conditioning Installation

Strength of wall
The indoor unit of AC must be installed on a wall strong enough to hold the unit’s weight.
Proper spacing
The indoor unit of split AC requires at least 15 cm of open space surrounding its top and sides for proper air flow. ...

Appropriate Installation 
Mount the indoor unit of split AC at a height of 7-8 feet above the ground for adequate cooling inside the room
Correct angle
Make sure that the bracket is given a slight tilt angle, so that the indoor unit of split AC, when fitted is also at a slight angle to enable unrestricted flow of the condensed water from the drain pipe.
Correct location of indoor
Install the outdoor unit of AC in open space so that there is no hindr…

Friday December 18

Is your air conditioner Making you and your family sick?

Dirty aircond can be harmful..
Molds that grows inside Aircon units.
Molds can have severe impact on our body.
People will have reaptedly respiratory issues.Also having fatigue and skin allergies. This are possibilities of health effects to people.
Just because air conditioner is inside the box.. you can't see what is inside it, if you don't service it,you neglect it.
The amount of bacteria that grows in the aircon system is very high and could cause a lot of health issues specially for young children.
The problem with people is that they don't service their aircond until it's too late. When people experience Air Flow are slow, AC Not cold anymore,water leaking or totally not cooling at all only They will realize they never service it.
Aircond is basic necessities of everyone's life..It is very important both filtering and circulation of air in the keep the house cool and comfortable all the time.
We experts advice to service your aircon every 3 months or atleast twice a year. To keep the growth of the mold and the bacteria controlled.
Prolong the life span of your aircon and reducing the gas recharge. When Aircon is service regularly is definitely a power saving.

Sunday October 27

5 Reasons Why Air cond Servicing Is Important

1. Prolong lifespan- air cond serving is vital as it helps to prolong the lifespan of the unit. This is because it is well taken care meaning that any defects are taken care of on time to ensure that it runs the way it is supposed to without any problem. This definitely reduces the trips you are supposed to make to the shop to get another unit giving you peace of mind. ...

2. Cleaner air- it is important to make sure that you are breathing clean and healthy air at all times so that you don’t interfere with your health. Most people like to switch on the aircon a night one of the reasons it is important to ensure the unit is serviced so that you can only have quality air circulating in the house which is fee from germs and other types of bacteria. This will definitely reduce the trips made to the doctor which also helps you save money and time.

3.Prevent water leakage- When the air conditioner is filled up with dirt and fungus, it will definitely not function in the proper way. This usually leads to numerous problems such as water leakage which is dangerous as it causes the unit to work extra hard. Serving the unit corrects this problem on time to ensure you are able to use it without a problem.

4.Improve efficiency and save electricity- aircon serving helps to improve its efficiency so that it can work the way it is supposes to. This also helps to save on utility bills such as electricity as it will not be using extra energy to work.

5.Detect problems early enough- there are very many people in Malaysia who do not even think of servicing their unit. This is a serious mistake as this is what leads to major breakdowns meaning that you will have to waste a lot of time, energy money and other resources to repair.

Monday October 18

5 signs it’s time to replace your air conditioner

1. You can expect a well-maintained air conditioner to last about 15 years. However, if you’re in need of expensive repairs and your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it will often make more sense to replace it. ...

2. Air conditioner is inefficient. If your air conditioner has a low rating, you can cut back on your energy costs by replacing it with a new, more efficient unit.

3. Any time you’re facing an expensive repair, you’ll want to weigh the costs of the repair against the costs of a new unit. It will likely make more financial sense to replace it.

4. Frequent breakdowns. Does it seem like your air conditioner is constantly breaking down? These repair costs can really add up, and it doesn’t make sense to keep making them on older units.

5. Your home isn’t comfortable. Do you have a hard time keeping your home cool? This could be the sign of an aging air conditioner or even an incorrectly sized system.

Tuesday October 11

What Is Aircon Chemical Wash and how Important it is?

Clear dirt and dust from its air filter: Your air conditioning unit may provide you the unhygienic and limited flow of air due to dirty air filters. Its air filters blocked with dust and dirt can also increase your energy bills, affect the performance of your unit and damage it. The dirt and dust accumulated on the air filter can be removed effectively. ...

Remove blockage on the condenser and avoid its freezing. Maintain the flow of cool air can be difficult for it if it is not cleaned externally as well as internally. Internal and external blockage can affect the working of your condenser.

Ensure the recovery of the performance of the aircond condenser. This is done by removing its internal and external blockages.

Proper functioning of the evaporator of your air conditioning system is very important. It can help in removing dust and dirt build-ups from your evaporator to restore its normal functioning.

Your air conditioner will not work efficiently when its various parts including filters, condenser, and evaporator are clogged with dirt and dust. All of these parts can be cleaned and unclogged properly and effectively through a chemical wash.

The flow of contaminated and dirty air into your room due to blocked filters of your air conditioner can trigger allergies and other health problems to the people living in it.

It will help in reducing the consumption of power and hence the power bills. increase the life of your AC as all of its parts will work smoothly and properly for a long time

Friday October 01

Signs your compressor is failing

1.Compressor not turning on
2.Blowing hot air
3 Circuit breaker tripping
4.Outdoor unit vibrates when starting
5.Strange noise
Cabin temperatures higher than normal. One of the first signs that a compressor may be having trouble is the AC no longer blowing as cold as it once did. …
Loud noises when the compressor is running. …
Compressor clutch is not moving.
Should You Replace the System when noticing these?

If your system is old enough, the answer might be yes. Either way, you should have the system looked at by a professional as soon as you notice an issue. Get a thorough recommendation to find out whether it’s worth it to fix the failing A/C compressor or if you’re better off investing in a whole new unit.