Dirty aircond can be harmful..
Molds that grows inside Aircon units.
Molds can have severe impact on our body.
People will have reaptedly respiratory issues.Also having fatigue and skin allergies. This are possibilities of health effects to people.
Just because air conditioner is inside the box.. you can’t see what is inside it, if you don’t service it,you neglect it.
The amount of bacteria that grows in the aircon system is very high and could cause a lot of health issues specially for young children.
The problem with people is that they don’t service their aircond until it’s too late. When people experience Air Flow are slow, AC Not cold anymore,water leaking or totally not cooling at all only They will realize they never service it.
Aircond is basic necessities of everyone’s life..It is very important both filtering and circulation of air in the keep the house cool and comfortable all the time.
We experts advice to service your aircon every 3 months or atleast twice a year. To keep the growth of the mold and the bacteria controlled.
Prolong the life span of your aircon and reducing the gas recharge. When Aircon is service regularly is definitely a power saving.